I'll let you in on the world's worst kept secret... "I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!" Everything from planning the dinner, to choosing the cake, to finding the perfect birthday dress just makes me so happy.

Bag: Joy Gryson Kit // Jacket: French Connection
Deco Luxe Beaded Cami Dress: c/o Tobi
When searching for the perfect birthday dress, I look for 3 things:
1. Fit - Comfortable to withstand dancing, some falling over, & extreme hugging
2. Sparkle - Plenty of beads, sequins, bling etc.
3. Versatility - Translates from birthday, to NYE, to miscellaneous party dress
 & this beaut from Tobi was the perfect find! Not to mention, new customers get 50% off their first order. :)

Earrings: Gorjana
Heels: Calvin Klein
The truth is, I grew up with no relatives in the states and was forced to build my own family that consisted of friends and extended cousins of cousins of cousins. Over time, I grew to love my unique form of family and take pride in caring for all the relationships that I've built.

I may spend Thanksgiving with one group of people, Christmas with another, and Easter with a third but my birthday is the one time a year I can force everyone I love to be in one venue at the same time so it is really the best & most important holiday ever! YIPPEE!

Thanks for all the birthday/meehyunday wishes! Stay #birthdaychic.

love, MH<3

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photography: Andrew Park @andrewparkphotography


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