#saystheprincess turns 3!

Over the past 3 years, I have experienced the growing pains of young adult life. I started a career in a new city with no family or friends, I lived off of leftovers and carry-on luggage,  I rediscovered the joys of sales and just saying no to another pair of shoes. Most importantly, at the end of it all, I managed to find my way back home to NYC.

This blog has been a creative outlet for my weird and constantly hungry self. Thank you so much for being here to share in my journey. I'm excited to see where this road takes us!

thank you a million times.

love, MH<3
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photography: MJS @nyctoparis


  1. Wait that's soooo crazy!! Mines gonna be 3 too, I can't even imagine the growth! Ah but you have me as a friend now ❤️��

    1. whatt? blog twinsies!! so grateful that you're in my life! now you have to teach me all of your ways ;) <3



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