nyc eats #3: DESSERTS.

I, along with 90% of the female population, have a serious chocolate addiction. It wasn't until a few years ago that I truly discovered the beauty of desserts. I could no longer resist the allure of macarons, whipped cream, and baked goods. More importantly, when you're in NYC, there are endless dessert options and it's hard just to stick with chocolate. (sorry, chocolate!)

NYC Food Pyramid #3: DESSERTS.

Here are NYC my sweet tooth favorites:

(left to right / top to bottom)

1. Le Pain Quotidien: LPQ is know for their fresh breads and tartines but my favorite thing to order here is the mixed berry tart. The thing that makes this tart better than all the other fruit tarts is the white chocolate lining on the crust. yum!

2. Caffe Bene: Caffe Bene's Honey Toast is like the Korean version of french toast. Instead of the traditional egg coating on the bread, there is a light sugar glaze. Honey toast comes in sweet and savory flavors, making this a great dessert for all palates.

3. Lady M: If you think cake is its own food group, Lady M is a must-try. Their crepe cake has alternating layers of thin buttery crepes and fresh cream. Pair the slices with a cup of coffee or tea and you're in for the chicest coffee break.

4. The City Bakery: Sitting on the kitchen counter of City Bakery is a recipe for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. This chunky chocolate chip cookie has achieved the perfect balance between crunchy and chewy that puts break and bake to shame. Their winter hot chocolate menu is an added perk of this hot spot.

5. Woops! Bakeshop: Stop by Woops! to find edible glitter on this beloved French treat. There's no way you can go wrong with little macaron shells made of sugary goodness in fun flavors like apple caramel and nutella.

6. Maison Kayser: From their amazing bakery selection of tarts, eclairs, and croissants, to their kitchen selection of tartines, salads, and soups, Maison Kayser will transport your tastebuds to Paris. my personal favorite: the white chocolate brioche. get it - you won't regret it!

I hope everyone has enough sweets to endure this storm and city lockdown. Stay safe!

love, MH<3

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  1. Looks so delicious!! :) Btw. Love your blog! It´s beautiful♥

    1. Thanks so much! You should definitely check out these places if you are in NYC! :)

  2. Every picture looks soooo good, I need to go to NYC!!


    1. thank you!! you should def visit when the weather gets warmer! :) x



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