nyc eats #2: ICE CREAM.

There are officially 18 days until Christmas! 18 days until the weather will inevitably get colder, snowier, and i-dont-wanna-leave-my-bed-er. Thanks to retailers and radio stations everywhere, it has felt like Christmas since the beginning of November.

No matter how cold it is outside, I am the type of person who is not phased by trips to the ice cream shop in the winter. Bring on the frozen goods!

NYC Food Pyramid #2: ICE CREAM.

Here's where I love to go to satisfy my ice cream cravings:

(left to right / top to bottom)

1. Grom: "GROM." There's something about the name itself that just sounds delicious, no? A gelato shop that's straight from Italy, Grom has the creamiest and flavor packed gelato. I say "GROM," to my friends on the daily... I think I have a serious problem. I am addicted to their stracciatella gelato!

2. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory: This hole in the wall store on Bayard St. serves the most eclectic mix of American and Chinese ice cream flavors. They have your chocolates and vanillas, and then black sesame, green tea, and Chinese egg custard! Black Sesame is the flavor that put this place on my radar but I fell in love with their fragrant green tea. Must try for Black Sesame/Green Tea lovers everywhere.

3. Eataly: Located at the 5th ave. entrance of Eataly - a giant indoor Italian food market - this gelato shop calls my name every time I am in Flatiron. Eataly makes their gelato with the perfect consistency and great ingredients. The stracciatella has decadent dark chocolate chips and the pistachio flavor has bite size pistachios that add the perfect crunch.

4. Morgenstern's: When you visit Morgenstern's in the lower east, you'll feel like you've been transported to a chic 70's ice cream parlor. Don't let their tiled floor, paper hats, and old school cash register fool you - their flavors are whimsical and modern. My favorite is the green tea pistachio... need I say more? note: it is cash only!

5. Grace Street: People have heard about this cafe in Koreatown because of their Ho-dduk dessert. For me, Grace Street is my #1 NYC destination for shaved ice. Grace Street's version of shaved ice is more like shaved snow - the long layers of shaved ice are soft and delicate, melting right in your mouth. Each dish is served with a side of red bean and mochi. Another must try for Black Sesame/Green Tea lovers. :)

6. Momofuku Milk Bar: The most unique flavor of ice cream I've ever tried is Momofuku's Cereal Milk soft serve ice cream. It's so simple yet so delicious. The small soft serve comes in a cup with a layer of cereal on the bottom and cereal as a topping. It strangely quenches your thirst and makes you really want to eat cereal all the time. *note: another must try at momofuku is the crack pie! your sweet tooth will thank you.

I am a creature of habit and when I find an ice cream flavor I like, I fixate on it. If you've been to any of these shops, let me know which flavors you've tried because I am in need of a serious flavor favoritism intervention.

Stay warm, friends!

love, MH<3

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