nyc eats: #1 COFFEE.

Hi, Everyone! I'm sorry for the long blogging break but I am back full force - new layout and all!

If you're following me on instagram (@estmeeh), I'm sure you noticed the lack of Boston posts and abundance of NYC posts... that's because I'm back in New York! *insert applause*

Ever since I've moved back to NYC, I have been so busy catching up with friends and family that I lost track of the time... 2 months has flown by! During my many reunion dates, I came to discover that New Yorkers sustain themselves off of a different food pyramid than everyone else: COFFEE, ICE CREAM, & DESSERTS.

NYC Food Pyramid #1: COFFEE.

Here are some my favorite places to get my coffee fix:

(left to right / top to bottom)

1. Bluestone Lane: There are a few locations of this Australian influenced cafe where coffee culture is no joke. You can catch their Coffee Trike spreading caffeinated goodness at concerts and food markets. Also, check out the Collective Cafe in West Village to pair your coffee with their refreshing gluten-free menu.

2. Blue Bottle Coffee: If you're not much of a coffee drinker and you're looking for a gateway coffee,  I highly recommend Blue Bottle's New Orleans iced coffee. This is a cold brew coffee, sweetened with cane sugar, and organic milk that goes down easy and makes those long days fly by.

3. Two Hands Cafe: Another Australian cafe, Two Hands, with its exposed white brick interior and communal tables, is snuggled right in little Italy. They not only take their coffee very seriously, but also their food - must try: avocado toast.

4. Iconic Cafe: My favorite part about this little cafe in SoHo is the decor. The hexagon tables & chairs, along with the Mexican tiling make for the perfect atmosphere to enjoy their espresso-based drinks and baked goods.

5. FIKA: "Fika" means "coffee break" in Swedish and at the many FIKA locations you will feel like you're there to enjoy a real coffee break, not just coffee run. An added perk is their in-house made chocolates that are a testament to how amazing Swedish chocolate can be.
true story: I start every Monday morning with a FIKA coffee & chocolate croissant.

6. Intelligentsia Coffee: Intelligentsia Coffee may have been founded in Chicago but it has definitely found a home in NYC. This coffee bar taught me the beauty of a cup of black coffee, be it hot or cold brew. Their coffees are exclusive to Intelligentsia so get ready to wake up your coffee taste buds when you check them out.

I thought I was a Starbucks SVL loyalist until I moved back home and discovered all of these amazing cafes that opened my eyes to another level of coffee culture. I hope you are inspired to grab a delicious cup of coffee tomorrow morning before starting your Monday.

Have a great week!
love, MH<3

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  1. I would love to try all these coffee places, especially Blue Bottle Coffee!



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