DIY Framed Shopping Bags.

What you need: shopping bags, frames, scissors, ruler, glue

In the spirit of Spring cleaning, I decided to add some new wall decor to brighten up my room. After seeing examples of framed shopping bags as home decor on pinterest, I was inspired to tackle it as a Friday night DIY project.

It's a good thing I hoard lots of things, one of them being shopping bags - you never know when you'll need them! In all seriousness, there's something about the logos and color combination of some brands that are too beautiful to throw away as soon as I get home.

1. Take measurements of the bags you want to frame.

2. Determine ideal frame size by deciding how much border space you want around your bags.
I added on 1~2 inches to the length and width measurements of my bags.

3. Buy shadow box frames that will be able to hold the size & depth of your bags.
I found these frames at TJMaxx but Target has some great options too.

4. Cut out the back side of the bag to reduce depth 'frumpiness.'

5. Secure bag onto a mat backing of sorts using glue.
The frames I found came with a white mat. You can always use a white piece of paper or buy matte paper to create your own background surface.

6. Let dry, and hang!

Back side of bags that were cut out.

I haven't decided where I'm going to hang these frames yet but I know I am obsessed. What an easy fix for some empty walls around the house! I'm in the process of putting up a new corkboard above my desk as well so once I finalize my wall decor I will upload photos!

Let me know your thoughts and if you end up trying this fun project.
Happy Weekend!

love, MH<3



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