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131 Dartmouth St.
Boston, MA 02116

Last week, I went to watch the Boston Ballet Company's Premiere of Cinderella with a fellow ballet lover. Before the show, we got dinner at Douzo Sushi in Back Bay. The fish was fresh, the rice was sweet, and it was a great start to our evening.

Edamame with Salt

Yellowtail Scallion & Douzo Roll

Naturally, the concept of Uni Tempura fascinated me so I had to try it. Although it was good, next time I'll go with the Uni Sashimi because the fried batter was overpowering and made the dish very oily, especially in conjunction with the Uni.

Uni Tempura

Uni Tempura

When I'm in the mood for a sushi roll, my go-to is Spicy Tuna because back in the day, it was this roll that helped open up my tastebuds to the world of raw fish. I call it "the Gateway Sushi." I like my rolls with a lot of fish and a little less rice and just look at how much fish they gave me in my roll! It was delicious.

Spicy Tuna Roll

The sushi at Douzo was really good and decently priced for somewhere in Back Bay. If I lived any closer, I could confidently say that I would be a frequent take-out customer. If you've never had sushi before and are looking for a bigger a bang for your buck, I would try out their lunch menu served from 11:30am - 2:55pm (how punctual)!

Fried Green Tea Ice Cream

Yes, that is fried ice cream. My favorite ice-cream flavor is Green Tea, with Haagen Dazs Coffee in a close second, and Douzo's Fried Green Tea Ice Cream was the perfect precursor to our night at the ballet. Imagine biting into a slice of cake, only to find that there is a ball of ice cream waiting for you in the middle... that's fried ice cream - ie. dessert heaven. 

Does anyone have other sushi recommendations in Boston? I would love to check more out.
Thanks for reading!

love, MH <3


  1. Wow all the food looks so good! I love green tea ice cream as well :) Green tea anything actually. haha.

    xx Mandy

    1. green tea lattes, green tea mochi… yup green tea anything! :)



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