happy new year! - nami island, korea.

My not-so-baby-cousin and I welcomed in the new year with a trip to Nami Island. Nami Island or NamiSum (남이섬) is a little island located a 30 minute train ride + 5 minute ferry ride from Seoul. This place is couple and tourist central thanks to the Korean drama Winter Sonata. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our nice respite from the busyness of Seoul.

Coat: Ivanka Trump

For lunch, my cousin insisted that I try the old school Korean Dosirak (lunch box). WARNING: The metal container that the Dosirak comes in is scalding hot… I learned the hard way. woops! You are given heavy duty gloves to close the container, and shake up the rice and kimchi inside until it is mixed enough to eat.

Wishing Well

Ringing the Wishing Bell

Balance a rock on top of a pile and make a wish!

With the Wishing Well, the Wishing Bell, and the Wish Rock Pile, I think I have all my bases covered for 2014. :)
I wish you all a healthy & blessed year of 2014! Happy New Year!!

love, MH <3


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