bosie tea parlor, ny.

10 Morton St.
NY, NY 10014

My favorite way to catch up with girlfriends is over brunch or tea. This cute tea parlor in the West Village - Bosie - serves an amazing afternoon tea for less than $30 a person! It was the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The first time I tried to go to Bosie, the wait for tea was a little over an hour so we ended up eating brunch at Casa nearby. This time around, the wait was similar but we put our names down, and wandered West Village until we got a call to come enjoy our tea.

Never in a million years would I have thought that I could be more excited about eating scones than tea cakes. Bosie's scones were a game changer - crunchy on the outside and warm, buttery, & soft on the inside. They offer a range of maracon flavors and tea sandwiches to compliment your tea as well.

All the snow this week has made me want to curl up in bed with a hot cup of tea.
I guess a glass of wine by a firepit will have to do. when in philly, right? :)

love, MH<3


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