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You can usually find me under a pile of sweaters and throws at work but the weather last Friday was so unexpectedly warm that I was in my célfie tee, fanning myself at my desk.

Tee - Sincerely Jules

Funny story about this shirt - on the exact same day that I ordered this black one for myself, my sister ordered me the white version as a surprise! isn't she the sweetest?! Neither of us knew that the other one had ordered it, so when I came home to two packages from Sincerely Jules, I was really confused… & then really happy!! best sister everrrr <3

I got to enjoy the warm weather for a good 45 minutes when I got home from work, and as the sun set, I quickly found myself back in my sweater. It looks like temperatures will be dropping a lot this week. Stay warm, everyone!

love, MH<3

P.S. i couldn't resist the selfie in my célfie tee - it had to be done. :)


  1. love it! now we can matchhhh :) miss you!

    ps- come back to nyc so we can have a little blogger date. xo

    1. twinsies <33 i'll be back in ny sometime in december!! lets do tea :)



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