happy pepero day! (HBD mindy!)

Today is Pepero Day!
Koreans celebrate Pepero Day on 11/11 because the 1's look like the cookies...? haha i honestly am not really sure why. It is essentially another Valentine's Day. Although I didn't get any Pepero this year, I think this epic Pepero flower from 11/11/11 makes up for it.
Back in '09 - already 4 years ago! - PennSori sang Fallin' For You and the altos literally sang the same note for the entire song except for 4 measures of the bridge. I think Mindy and I deserve a prize for excellent stagger breathing and not going flat. :)
Thank you unni for always being my rock, wing woman, artistic director(!), and biggest supporter. Even from opposite coasts, our crazy relationship continues strong. I hope you have the best birthday ever!
love, MH<3



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