brazilian brunching: casa, ny.

72 Bedford St.
NY, NY 10014

Acai bowl

Who knew Brazilians did brunch? When I was in NY last weekend, my girlfriend and I stumbled across this cute little Brazilian restaurant in the West Village.

I was so hungry (borderline delusional) that I thought that I couldn't understand English anymore when looking at their menu.
do not be fooled, the larger text is in Portuguese... woops!

Omelet w Spinach, Mushrooms, & Brazilian sausage

When we read "Cinnamon and Sugar..." on the menu, we didn't really think the whole doughnuts option through. The doughnuts came out warm but cooled down as we were eating. By the time we finished our meals and got around to the doughnuts, they were just sweet chunks of bread. If you're going to order the doughnuts, do it as a dessert so you can eat them warm.

Cinnamon and Sugar Doughnuts 

I've been extremely patient and tried to stay put in Boston since the summer but just a few days back in the 201 & the City and I am missing it more than ever.

One day I'll be back! Til then... time for some Boston loving.
Happy Saturday! :)

love, MH<3

nyc livin w daisy <3
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  1. had fun with you at brunch! now time for you to relocate to nyc :) <3

  2. I am brasilian and I love sugar doughnuts .




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