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Arts Market, Farmer's Marker, Food Trucks
(see below for exact locations!)

460C Harrison Ave.
Boston, MA 02118

You know how NY has SoHo? The term was coined by a city planner to mean "South of Houston." This district of NY is filled with art galleries, beautiful lofts, and of course shopping! Well Boston has a little area in the South End called SoWa, "South of Washington." SoWa has a similar vibe of art and creativity as SoHo, especially at the many Sunday Markets.

With a little over an hour to spare after brunch, I made my way around the many Sunday Markets starting with the food trucks. Coming from Philly, where food trucks are a huge part of University City culture, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of food trucks. There was a Coffee Trike, a Vietnamese Banh Mi truck called Bon Me (cute!), and a Creperie Truck, to name a few.

The Coffee Trike

The Arts Market is located in a lot by a row of amazing art galleries. The market itself is comprised of lots of indie vendors with their art, creations, and trinkets. It brought me back to all the great markets in London that I visited while abroad.

The Vintage Market compelled me want to learn more about the history of fashion and art. Amongst the clothes, shoes, and handbags, there were books, maps, cameras, and musical instruments. I felt like I was in another world. You can access the Vintage Market off of the Arts Market lot.

*Between you and me there was one vendor who had a pretty extensive collection of vintage Coach bags, many of which are in their Legacy line. SoWa prices ranged from $50-$100.*

My favorite part of the SoWa markets was the Farmer's Market. I am officially addicted to kale chips and cold brewed coffee. noms.

amazing cold brewed coffee by Ann Brainard :)
mojo coffees // facebook

The SoWa Open Market is open on Sundays from 10am-4pm until the end of October.
The Vintage Market is open on Sundays year round from 10am-4pm.

Know of any fun Sunday things to do in Boston? Leave a comment and let me know! :)
in all seriousness, i'm going back this weekend just for that coffee... addicted.

love, MH<3


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