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boston restaurant week summer 2013.

800 Boylston St.
52nd floor of Prudential Tower
Boston, MA 02199

Lunch Menu (incl. Prix-fixe menu)

My cousin spent one year abroad as a Fulbright scholar (she's so smart!) and to celebrate her return, her sister and she came up to Boston to visit me. Lucky for us, it was Boston Restaurant Week so we decided to check out the Top of the Hub for lunch.

view of the Charles River from Top of the Hub 

Not to sound crazy but my sentiments about the Restaurant Week are similar to those expressed in this article here - it's not worth it. However, my cousins and I switched it up, ordering from the prix-fixe menu and their main lunch menu, and thoroughly enjoyed our food.

Petite Shrimp Ceviche
Crispy Plantain Sticks, Green Tomato, Avocado, Cilantro

Risotto Croquettes
Fontina Cheese, Tomato & Basil Puree

Risotto Croquettes
(another amazing Arancini dish here)

Open Faced Grill Salmon Sandwich
French Baguette, Sauteed Leaf Spinach, Honey Mustard Cream

I am a lover of salmon - sashimi, nigiri, grilled, smoked, lox... yum. This open faced sandwich from their main menu lived up to my salmon barometer. The baguette was deliciously soaked in the juices from the spinach and fish and it was the prefect portion size for me. I was slightly disappointed though because when asked how I wanted my salmon cooked, I said medium rare but the salmon came out more medium (see below).
next time, i'll probably just say medium because it was that good. NOMS.

Fresh Lemon Peppercorn Pasta
Chicken Sausage, Rapini, Pecorino Romano Cheese 

The pasta had a good mixture of salty and sweet between the sauce and the sausage. There was a really unique flavor - somewhat cinnamony(?) - that we couldn't place our finger on. If anyone tries this dish, please let me know what that flavor is!

The scallops were overcooked but I guess we should have expected it since it was a restaurant week dish. The ratatouille on the other hand stole my cousins heart. She kept insisting that I "try the vegetables" haha.

Pan Seared Scallops
Fresh Beans, Summer Ratatouille, Yellow Tomato Broth

Mint Brownie S'mores
Caramel Marshmallow Meringue, Homemade Graham Crackers, Chocolate Sauce

We surprised my cousin with an early birthday celebration on her brownie. YAY! :) I personally liked the créme brûlée because it wasn't overbearingly sugary but just sweet enough.

Caramel Créme Brûlée

There is still one more week left of Boston Restaurant Week. If this article has curbed your curiosity, let me put in my two cents. I agree that the quality of  food and service may not be the best representation of each restaurant during Restaurant Week. However, it is still a great opportunity to eat and explore the city with friends. If one or two people order from the prix-frixe menu and other people order from the main menu, you can still enjoy the ambience of a new restaurant without dishing out your week's paycheck.

Participating Restaurants here: Boston Restaurant Week Summer 2013
Aug 25-30 (Sun-Fri)
2-course lunch for $15.13
3-course lunch for $20.13
3-course dinner for $38.13

Let me know what restaurants you check out this week and if you have any recommendations!

love, MH<3


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