a summer point of view.

 Summers without a fall semester to look forward to or vacations to take make you wonder, what is so great about summer anyways?

Then you discover the joy of AC, how the sun practically never sets, and the fact that you can enjoy an iced SVL without people staring at you... and all is well with the world.

my mom's Kong Gook Su (콩국수) - a Korean summer staple
try this recipe here!

my sister's patriotic chiffon cake - recipe here!

There are still two months left! What are your summer plans?
Do you have any fun vacation recommendations?

love, MH<3

P.S. Happy belated 4th of July - America is 237 years old!
my red white & blue picks here! :)


  1. Natick mall and red mango yogurt <3 Natick is my favorite mall! I love eating at Minado. ah the food all looks so good, the cake is so cute and the Kong Gook Su looks really yummy!!

    1. I just had Minado this week for dinner! It's always amazing. Have you tried the Kong Gook Su recipe?



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