stop avocados from browning.

I wanted to share my a midweek discovery with you - how to stop avocados from browning!

Why? I forced myself to eat an entire avocado in one sitting last week because I was freaked out with the thought of my avocado browning overnight in the fridge. Trust me when I say that consuming a whole avocado when you're not that hungry is never a good idea.

One simple step:
1. Place avocado in a Ziploc freezer bag before putting it in the fridge
#byebyebrownavocado #nowidonthavetoeatwholeavocadosinonesitting

I cannot believe it took me all these years to figure out this simple solution!
I've tried all the tricks to stop my avocados from browning:
- plastic wrap
- leaving the pit in, then plastic wrap
- putting lime/lemon juice on the avocado, then plastic wrap
- cutting up the avocado, putting it in a bowl, then plastic wrap

So... I guess the problem was really in the plastic wrap?
Look at that beautiful avocado below! :D

Use freezer bags to stop avocados from browning!

I was being superstitious so I left the pit in before I bagged it so I'm not quite sure how this method would work without the pit or with chopped avocados or with guacamole or with a different kind of Ziploc... Basically, this was a one time thing that I am currently extremely excited about!! :)

Please test my theory for yourselves and let me know if this did or did not work for you!!

Happy Green Avocado Eating!

love, MH <3


  1. why did i now know this before... i ALWAYS used plastic wrap.. which obv never worked lol

  2. This is awesome! So I guess freezer bags are the solution! I'd leave the pit in too... I always leave the pit haha!

  3. Jon Jon needs to learn from you! He let his avocados go bad!



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