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It has been a hectic two weeks in the life of MH, to say the least. I was so happy to take a break from reality and sit down for a great brunch this morning with a girlfriend from school.

Stella Eggs Benedict w Prosciutto Cotto

I've been trying to be healthy and eat salads on the weekends but today I decided to treat myself to the eggs benedict! The poached eggs in the Stella Eggs Benedict were on point - soft whites with the perfect sort of runny consistency in the yolk. I liked that the hollandaise sauce wasn't too salty. It was a bit overpowering, but I suppose with most eggs benedict dishes that's the case.

For those of you who are not brunch lovers, let me just say that Eggs Benedict was the gateway dish for me to start enjoying actual foods for breakfast. Before I discovered this dish, I would eat Haagen-Dazs ice-cream bars for breakfast - true story.

Florentine Omelet

My girlfriend ordered the Florentine Omelet and after her first bite she said, "OMG I LOVE CHEESE." The melted mozzarella cheese inside the omelet was the perfect complement to the fluffy eggs. I am usually not a fan of omelets because the eggs tend to get overcooked or dry out but this florentine omelet was delicious.

We took advantage of the great weather and sat outside - seriously a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Thanks for reading & enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

love, MH <3

PS. I was supposed to go to Stella last night for dinner but plans fell through when there was an unfortunate Amtrak accident in Connecticut on Friday night. As far as I've heard, service in and out of Boston has been canceled until Monday. My prayers are with those affected and I'm glad everyone I know is safe.


  1. yum! that looks so good. i wouldn't mind eating ice cream for breakfast!



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