pink perfection.

I raided my roommate's Essie collection and decided to do a pink ombre manicure.
Painting my nails always cheers me up! It also helps the time pass when you're ordered not to leave your apartment by the city of Boston. 

Ombre Nails are super fun and easy to do:

1. Pick 5 colors from the same color family (or even white)
2. Arrange them in a spectrum from lightest to darkest
3. Decide which nail - thumb or pinky - to paint the lightest & paint one coat of each color on one hand 
(after applying a clear base coat first of course)
4. When the first coat of color is dry, apply a second coat
5. Repeat for other hand!

Don't forget the base & top coat! This Double Duty from Sally Hansen works great for me.
My self manicures always last me close to 2 weeks. :)

What colors have you tried ombre with?
i love pink!

love, MH<3


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