a burger kind of day.

279a Newbury St.
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I'm not a big meat lover. I LOVE seafood and chicken but beef and pork not so much. I don't even like eating Samgyupgal - a Korean BBQ staple! Occasionally, I have days where I intensely crave a burger and this usually leads to me eating burgers for brunch.

it's the only time of day I can eat one without experiencing massive food comas afterwards.

Disclaimer: Don't get me wrong, Cafeteria in Boston would never be my go-to burger joint.
However, Easter Sunday was just one of those days when I needed to eat one. Since Cafeteria has one of my girl friend's favorite BLT sandwiches, that's where we ended up.

BLT Club with Chicken & Mixed Greens

I happily ordered a Cafeteria Burger with bacon and mixed greens but the bartender put my order in for parmesan fries instead.  That's another thing I am not - a potato person - BUT these parmesan fries were so good that I didn't mind eating fries.
Most of the time a burger is a burger.

Cafeteria Burger with Bacon & Parmesan Fries

Cafeteria has outdoor seating as well as bars and dining spaces on two floors. I've wined and dined on both floors on a few different occasions and all times the place has been pretty un-lively.

Smoked Salmon Platter  

Personally, I think the food is OKAY - especially for the prices that they charge. Look at the Smoked Salmon Platter... what is that? It costs $10.50 and the toast looks anorexic, plus there was barely any smoked salmon. Not to mention, that creme fraiche was more like mayonaise.

My burger was $13 and the meat wasn't even fabulously marinated. Bobby Flay charges $7.75 for a burger at Bobby's Burger Palace and he's an Iron Chef! SmokeShack, the ShakeShack equivalent of the Cafeteria burger, costs $6.25. Adding on fries to both the BBP and ShakeShack burger would cost me less than $13 and give me a much more gastronomically pleasant experience.

Cafeteria Cobb Salad with Chicken & Margherita Pizza

If Cafeteria is on your list of places to eat in Boston, I recommend you avoid brunch and instead go at dinner time. They have a variety of salads and pizza options. To be honest, I don't think it's that special of a place. Just your average overpriced American style restaurant.

My final tip will be this: never order their Sangria. They make it from a mix, not wine, and instead of fruit they add in different fruit liqueurs. At the end of that night, I was left with a gross unfinished drink in a mason jar.

Maybe I've just been trying the wrong foods here. What should I try if I go back?

love, MH<3


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