dots on dots.

Last weekend, I celebrated Valentine's Day by taking myself window shopping on Newbury Street. In preparation for my adventure, I fueled myself up with the crepe special at Trident Cafe.

Trident is actually a super cute bookstore that has a cafe and bar. If anyone wants to sip a coffee and eat while reading a book, this is the place to do it! They also play AWESOME movies on their TVs - ie. Clueless & Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
"as if."

Located on the east end of Newbury St. is Georgetown Cupcake! I first tried these cupcakes a few years ago when I visited my friend at Georgetown - perks of having smart friends. Not too sweet, not too decadent - their Red Velvet and Chocolate & Vanilla are so delicious!
(*My all time favorite Red Velvet cupcake - Cupcakes by Carousel Ridgewood, NJ.)

I lucked out and waited on a 5 minute line to get my cupcakes. Happy Valentine's Day, indeed! :)

Denim: Celebrity Pink (from TJMaxx - similar here & here on sale!)
Rain Coat: Lacoste (similar here & here)

Scarf: Madewell (similar here & here)
Bracelet: Charity Fundraiser Cuff from Aldo a few years ago (similar here & here)

Experimenting with color has been an ongoing resolution for me & I was so inspired by the colors I was seeing in  the windows. About halfway down the street of shops, I had to stop for my Starbucks recharge. What dedicated shopper doesn't?

Shoes: random Arizona purchase... (similar here)

Bag: Zara TRF (similar here & here)

Peaceful walks down Newbury Street make Boston feel a little more like home.
Happy belated Valentine's Day, Everyone!

love, MH<3


  1. i love the polka dots :) & i wanna try georgetown cupcakes!! x

  2. 언니! 저 케이크 진짜 맛있었어요!!
    오는동안 크림이 망가져서 사진은 못 찍엇지만ㅠㅠ
    레드벨벳도 완전 굿이고 당근도 짱짱>_<

    1. 맛있게 먹어서 대행이다~ 다음엔 릿지우드에 있는 Cupcakes by Carousel 가봐!! :)



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