tria, philly.

3131 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

Apple Tree Goat Cheese with Pesto

In two days I will be in Philly and let me just say, my first stop will be to this wonderful land of wine & food - Tria. Located at 32nd and Walnut, it is far enough from the high rises that students can say they "went out" for dinner and just across the river from Center City so that you can escape the crazy drivers. (They also have Rittenhouse & Wash West locations, which I have yet to venture to...)

This intimate little "wine room," as they call themselves, is THE location to have a classy happy hour or GNO. Tria offers a small array of foods, wines & cheeses - the perfect amount to quench your thirst and curiosity for an affordable price! All three menus are always changing so it's fun to
try the different combinations.

Truffled Mushroom with Fontina

Besides the wine, my favorite items on the menu are always the Crostinis.
Tria is the reason why I now love goat cheese, crema di mozzarella, and how I discovered the deliciousness that is caramelized onions and feta.

Better start on my preemptive workouts!
Everyone knows I love me my wine. ;)

love, MH<3


  1. can we go together next time? ;) or come meet me in NYC! xx

    1. YES! lets do a wine bar date next time i'm in NY :)



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