mexican brunching: distrito, philly.

3945 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA

Guacamole & Salsa Mexicana

When they bring out guacamole and nachos for the first course of your brunch, you know you're at the right place. On weekends at Iron Chef José Garces' Distrito in University City, you're offered a great representation of his best dishes in a 2 course brunch menu for $21 (menu here). Who else would've thought that nachos would make a great precursor to french toast?!

Nachos Ignacio


This Chilango Chop salad gives your taste buds a nice break from the heavy cheese and dulce de leche.  The dressing is super light and the blocks of cheese hiding underneath the spiced pecans make you think, "Hey, why have I never liked chunks of cheese in my salad before?" true story. :)

Chilango Chop

Taco de Mahi Mahi

As I previously mentioned, these mahi mahi tacos are my favorite - the warm fried fish, with the cold cabbage, soft avocado, and spicy chipotle sauce... it just hits the spot! You may look at the picture and think it's not enough but trust me, three tacos is the PERFECT number to make you full but leave you craving the taste. During Distrito's Happy Hour, you can get 2 of these bad boys for $7. BEST $7 EVER SPENT ON TACOS.

Huarache de Tomate

The Huarache de Tomate is basically a thin pizza on a tortilla crust (thanks, wiki!). Unfortunately for the frequent Distrito diner, the AMAZING Huarache de Hongos (mushrooms, black truffle, need I say more?) is not offered on the brunch menu. However, this simpler huarache does it's job in curing those hangovers on Sunday afternoon. 

Thank you José Garces for opening my taste buds to the wonder that is your Mexican brunch.
Add a Spanish Fly from the bar and it will be a close to perfect meal.

Two more days until another brunch adventure!
Fighting the urge to spend money on food til then...

love, MH<3


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