summer in the winter.

As the days get colder (& I realize how important it is to have a well insulated apartment), I cannot shake my craving for Yogorino.
This gem on 20th and Locust in Philly is the most addicting frozen dessert you will have in your life!

To be honest, the first time I tried it I was thrown off by its weird not-really-frozen-yogurt-but-I-can-still-eat-it texture & taste, but I SWEAR
this stuff has crack in it. There is no other explanation for my wanting to eat this right now when my weather app is clearly telling me that it is 43 degrees outside. BRRRR. And if the crack isn't in the Yogorino itself, it is in the toppings!! My favorite is the toblerone chocolate topping there in the front of the picture. (For your reference, that is not what it's really called but just call it that and the workers should catch your drift... haha.)

To my New Yorkers: a Yogorino opened this past summer on 193 Bleeker St. so do me a favor and let me know how it compares!
Unfortunately, I am no where near NY or Philly right now so the DELICIOUS looking picture above will have to do. 

If you have the luxury to live near a Yogorino, GO RIGHT NOWWWW! :)
Comment below and let me know your fave topping combinations so I can try it next time.
First timers, don't be a hater if you don't like it... the second time you go back, you'll know you're hooked!

Stay warm, friends!
love, MH<3


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